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About the SSP
The School Success Profile in Brief

Also see additional frequently asked questions .

What is the SSP?

The School Success Profile is an online, self-report survey of middle and high school students. The questions examine students' beliefs about themselves, their neighborhoods, schools, families and peer groups. The survey is based on a contextual perspective that suggests the social environment has a powerful effect on a child's development and success in school. The 195 multiple-choice survey questions take about 30 minutes to complete. The questions are divided into 6 modules: About You, Neighborhood, School, Friends, Family, and Health and Well-Being.

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Click here to view the hard copy of the SSP.

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Student participation is voluntary. However, they are encouraged to complete the survey. Results of the survey are available via the website on a confidential basis to the client.

The School Success Profile is available in both English and Spanish. It has also been translated into Hebrew, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Korean. It has been administered to over 75,000 students across the United States and abroad.

There is also an elementary school version of the SSP.

What Does the SSP Tell You?

SSP profiles and reports provide insight into how students perceive themselves and their environments, and an understanding of the assets and concerns of groups of students.

Who Uses the Information?

The results of the SSP can be used by district offices, school personnel, support staff, students, families and interested community members to develop effective strategies for promoting student success.

How Do Clients Access Their Survey Results?

The SSP online web site at is a multipurpose resource for clients with a username and password. The site contains Individual Profiles, the Summary Group Profile, and the Detailed Group Report. A Query tool allows the user to access the Summary Group Profile by any combination of demographic subgroups that are available in the survey (as self-reported by each student). These demographic groups include gender, grade range, race/ethnicity, free/reduced-price lunch status, and language (English or Spanish).

How was the SSP Developed?

The SSP was developed by Drs. Gary Bowen and Jack Richman, School of Social Work, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Who are SSP Clients?

See Who Uses the SSP .

Distribution and Copyright

The School Success Profile was developed by Dr. Gary L. Bowen and Dr. Jack M. Richman at the School of Social Work, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is a copyrighted document, of which no portion may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without written permission from Dr. Bowen or Dr. Richman.

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