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The latest SSP-related developments

SSP/ESSP/SSP-LO Assessment Tools Go Online
The SSP, ESSP, and SSP-Learning Organization assessment tools are now available online through our partner company, Flying Bridge Technologies ( ). According to Dr. Gary Bowen, after years of development, pilot testing, and use of hard copy SSP-related assessment tools, Flying Bridge Technologies brings these products into the 21st Century with online registering, administration, scoring, and delivery. The new online system improves product delivery, service responsiveness, and cost effectiveness. All three assessment tools have undergone modifications with the SSP receiving a significant revision, including a reduction in the number of items from 220 to 195 and a conversion of all response continuums to 3- and 4-point scales.

New Book Available: The Reliability and Validity of the School Success Profile
January 2006
Gary L. Bowen, Roderick A. Rose, and Natasha K. Bowen recently published The Reliability and Validity of the School Success Profile . Based on a national nonprobability sample of 16,631 SSP respondents from 351 school sites across six states, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of the reliability and validity of the SSPís 22 core profile dimensions. The authors begin with a brief overview of the SSP, including its content, development, administration, summary profiles, and prior research. Professor Cynthia Franklin, School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin, wrote the foreword for the book. Copies of the book can be .

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"The SSP provides information critical to designing and monitoring interventions for promoting the academic achievement of middle- and high-school students. We are using the SSP in many of our research and demonstration projects, and we find the individual and group profiles useful to both researchers and school-based practitioners
- Jay Smink, Executive Director, National Dropout Prevention Network, Clemson University

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