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Administration and intervention training are available to SSP clients via online Live Meeting ® webinars.

Training requires the use of an online tool for real time communication at remote sites. Our partner company, Flying Bridge Technologies, subscribes to Live Meeting from Microsoft ® an effective and easy to use online tool. When training is scheduled, an email is sent to a designated contact at the school/site in charge of setting up the training. The email includes instructions on how to prepare to join the meeting and how to attend at the date/time provided. It includes a link to take participants directly to the meeting online and another to download/test their setup. The designated contact is given a phone number and an access code to call into the conference call site. This number will connect them with the trainer.

The trainer prepares beforehand by uploading presentation materials or creating hot links that will be used during training. Just before training time, everyone enters the online meeting. The presenter has special controls that allow him/her to determine what participants see. If it is a web browser, participants will see the presenter type and click just as if they were looking over his/her shoulder. Many other features are available, including polling, whiteboard, and so forth.

For further information about training, please contact Dr. Gary Bowen, the SSP Director, by phone, email, or mail:

By Phone:
(919) 962-6542

By E-Mail:
[email protected]

By Mail:
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School of Social Work
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
301 Pittsboro Street, CB 3550
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3550