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Download administration and intervention manuals

Administration and intervention manuals are available to SSP clients via the Access SSP Data page .

Administration Manual

If a site has contracted with the SSP Office for the administration of the SSP survey, the SSP Site Coordinator is given a User Name and Password. These identifiers can be used to , "Administering the School Success Profile," which you will be able to obtain after making arrangements and receiving an invoice. This manual should be carefully studied by all school staff and teachers who will be involved in administering the survey. It is important that, after the manual has been read by all involved, a brief meeting be held by the SSP Site Coordinator to review and discuss its contents and to plan the administration of the SSP.

"Using SSP Results for Intervention Planning" Manual

After a site's survey results have been prepared, the site personnel can use the site's User Name and Password to , "Using SSP Profiles for Intervention Planning." This intervention manual should be used by all those involved in planning the interventions based on the results of the survey. It addresses the interpretation of the findings on the Individual Profiles and the Summary Group Profile for the site. It also discusses the sequence of intervention planning steps and the sequence of implementation steps. The manual also contains a sample Intervention Planning and Monitoring Form that can be used by the site, as well as definitions of the School Success Profile Dimensions.

SSP-IP Intervention Planning Manual

After administering surveys to both school employees (the SSP-LO) and to students (the SSP), the survey results will be released on . School personnel and Performance Team members with a client ID and password can access the Intervention Planning Manual. The Intervention Planning Manual is for use by Performance Team members at each school in the implementation of the SSP-IP. It contains both practice content for all team members and administrative content specifically for the SSP Coordinator. The first chapter is an introduction to the SSP-IP and the second a guide to using There are chapters on Results-focused Planning, Organizational Learning, and interpreting profile results. The description of the planning process is supplemented by chapters containing information on how to conduct planning meetings and hold focus groups. The SSP-IP manual is continually updated in accordance with the results of an ongoing evaluation.

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